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*Way it was written*
Do't Go Past The DooAT'S! bY Nicole Martin
Mom Kani I Go Out Sid OK But Bay Carfl OK MoM
Wate Wait'e MoM You HTo GO TO SCKOOL OK
Way bo i haf to go to scool mom? Be kose youl
gat smrtr. O i bib not Kow.
Mom I Dot Want To Go to Scoll
WaY Scoll is Fun BY KAS THRS A POLL The Enb

*What it actually SAYS*
Don't Go Past The Dots by Nicole Martin
"Mom, can I go outside?" "Okay, but be careful." "Okay Mom."
"Wait!" "What mom?" "You have to go to school, okay?"
"Why do I have to go to school mom?" "Because you'll
get smarter." "Oh, I did not know."
"Mom, I don't want to go to school!"
"Hey, school is fun because there's a pool!" The End

I got lots of candy at halloween. I got my favrit tip of candy sweet trts. yam! Thean saim trik or tretrs came. I new siam.

I went to a montin there was a avalanche no one was on the montin. But my snowfort was gone. I was sad. But after a howr I was happy.

I have a big silver scooter. I like to ride it in spring I was rideing it one rainy day and something big and green reched up and grabbed my scooter. Then I fell off. I ran inside to tell my parents. They ran outside with me. I showed them the big and green thing. They beat it up. Then I started to scooter again.

Pop boy's First Halloween By Nicole
Hi my name is popboy. Tonight will be my first halloween. That's why school is out today. I'm haveing fun with my mom today. My school's name is stickingtin elamentery. I'm moveing next month. I'm 5 1/2 years old. I'm in Kindergarten. I'm purple. My favori coler is orange. I'm in socer. It is fun for me. I have on friend. My friend is orange. I like to play with my friend. My friend's name is Billy.

The Advenchers of Twitcher, Radar, Pee Wee and Grruff By Nicole
"Pee Wee, Grruff, Twicher, wake up now!" yelled Radar "Why"? groaned Pee Wee "Because we're going to find a mummy!" said Radar "Yay!" siad Twicher and Grruff "Aw!" groaned Pee Wee "Let's pack!" said Radar "I'll bring my doggy bone!" said Grruff "And I'll bring tuna fish." said Radar "I'll bring a fire-highdrent." said Pee Wee "I'll bring everything eltse!" said Twitcher "Let's get in the car." said Radar "I see the piramid!" said Grruff "Let's find that mummy!" yelled Twitcher "Ahh!" yelled all of them "I think we fell into a blackhole and it took us home" said Radar "Me too!" said Grruff "Let's go back" said Pee Wee "Ok we're here" said Twicher "Guys I think I found the mummy!" shouted Radar "Let's go to the museam and put it on display" said Grruff "Now let's go"! said Radar The End

The Cave by Nicole
One bright day on the big planet Zaplabop, a girl named Nicole hiked into a dark, dark cave. Nicole couldn't see a thing.
She hiked until eleven o clock at night! So, Nicole sat down and ate her food.
Then, she big boulder.
When she woke up she could finally see! She saw a Gameboy and a T.V. and a remote. But, Nicole didn't want to play Gameboy or watch T.V. or keep sleeping.
Nicole started to walk again.
"Will this came ever end?" Nicole cried!
Suddenly, Nicole was at the end of the cave!
"Yay I finally reached grass!" Nicole Shouted.
Then, Nicole noticed that she was in a land of dinosaurs!
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Nicole screamed!
Nicole tried to go back in the cave but, the passage was closed.
"Oh man"! Nicole said
Suddenly, a long neck, dinosaur named Steve came up to Nicole.
"Hop on!" he said as he put his head to the ground so he could let Nicole on.
Nicole got on him.
"Can you burst open the cave door?" Nicole asked Steve.
"I'll try replied Steve.
Then, Steve rammed the cave door and Nicole fell off and broke her arm. She got back on Steve and was still sobbing because she broke her arm.
"Steve rak the door again" Nicole said.
Steve rammed the door again like Nicole said.
Suddenly, the passage broke open.
"Thanck you Steve." Nicole said
Then, Nicole walked into the dark cave.
For some reason she was at the other end of the cave right when she walked in.
She was back on Zaplabop so she ran home and cleaned everthing and put a freash coat of paint on her house because she was so happy to be home.

How Santa Forgot About Christmas By Nicole
One day when Santa was grooming his whit soft beard Santa desided he wanted a golf course.
"Mrs. Clause go get my four best reindeer, Antler, Smith, Sam, and Dan, Santa called.
Then, all of his reindeer came.
"I want you to help me make a gold course," Santa said.
Then they started making a gold course.
First they vaccumed and swept up the snow and drilled the holes.
Then, they put up the purple flags. After that they all went to sleep.
The next day Santa got on his big green sweater because it was cold and icy and he put his small red hat because it was snowy. Santa was happy and jolly and nice to his reindeer.
Later, a pretty rainbow appeared in the bright sky and it was veary colorful too.
The next day was Christmas. The elves were working, hard.
Santa didn't even remember about Christmas.
Mrs. Claus was worried because Santa didn't believe in Christmas anymore!
Mrs. Claus called up Nicole and he told Nicole about what happened to Santa.
Nicole got there as fast as she could.
She talked to Santa when she got there.
"Santa today's Christmas, it's the day you bring presents to everyone in the world, not the day you play golf," said Nicole. This was in 1999 when I was only four.
"Oh ya I remember now, thanks Nicole, said Santa
Santa hitched up his sleight. Nicole hopped into it!
"I'll drop you off at your house okay, said Santa
That's how Santa forgot Christmas.
These are ACTUAL stories I wrote, ranging from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. For the one from Kindergarten, I added a "translation" to make it easier to understand.

Stories (c) Me
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Ahaha, I as well remember Zaplabob XD We were such crazy children, srsly.
nikkissippi121 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, yeah, we were! But that's what made us so awesome! (Plus, I think I got a lot of my craziness from you! :P)
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